Contracts & Grants Accounting

Grant Accounting

All financial reports and financial portions of grant reports must be completed by the accounting contact assigned to the grant and submitted to the granting agency by the Business Office. All narrative reports should be sent to the accounting contact assigned to the grant in order to be submitted to the granting agency along with the financial report.

Grant Accounting

Certain sponsored programs receive reimbursement from the sponsor for facilities and administrative (F&A) expense budgeted within the sponsored program. The University currently shares a portion of recovered F&A for discretionary use by the PI and sponsored program home department via F&A Revenue Share departments. These reports provide the account balance available for use and monthly activity.

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Other grants or contracts require that the University submit an invoice to obtain funds due. Grant Accounting is responsible for all financial processes related to restricted fund activities. These include establishing chartfield strings and budgets for new grants, setting up budgets, reviewing and approving all encumbrance documents for appropriate funding. We also review and are responsible for adherence to applicable Medical School and funding agency policies, billings, Financial Status Reports (FSR’s), and reconciliation and closing of accounts. Fail-safe procedures can help you stay out of trouble with federal funding agencies. Develop controls to track and account for cash expenditures, and appoint one individual to have the final say over all spending.

Grant Accounting

Compare your actual expenses to the budget every month, and immediately make corrections that impact the overall budget. Set a schedule for budget reviews and stick to it so you can answer auditing questions with updated information any time they’re asked.

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You can assign each transaction in QuickBooks to a class to track revenue and expenses for a specific program regardless of the chart of accounts. With classes, you may have one set of general ledger accounts and separate by classes based on specific programs, grants, or donors. It is important for financial managers or their designees to review their accounting activity on a regular basis to ensure that all expenditures are properly recorded and to request cost transfers when necessary. Cost sharing is considered mandatory when it is required by the agency and voluntary when it is not.

Narrative reports that exclude financial information are submitted by the principal investigator or project director. Administrators also need to easily generate financial reports to meet federal mandates, manage personnel costs, and provide to principal investigators. An important aspects of contracts and grants accounting is ensuring compliance with all policies and regulations. Contract and Grant Accounting provides the University of New Mexico’s research community with professional expertise and quality customer service in the management of external funding.

Grant Accounting

GAO coordinates theeffort reporting process for the University’s faculty and staff. This includes notifying personnel when effort reports are available, tracking completion of each report, following up on incomplete or late reports and providing expertise and guidance regarding the University’s effort certification process. Once GAO receives all necessary award paperwork from the Division of Sponsored Programs , GAO will notify the Principal Investigator and the departmental and collegiate offices of the grant/program number applicable to the sponsored project. The notification is sent via an email fromuiris- the parties listed on the Award Activation Authorization Notice . With respect to record keeping, non-grant invoices are filed in the Purchasing Office by the date paid. Grant invoices, on the other hand, are filed in the Accounting Office in the grant invoice folder. A small grant program may require one folder to hold all the invoices for the entire project period.

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GAO provides faculty and staff with monthly electronic financial status reports for their sponsored projects. There are also various web applications available to assist with the financial management of accounts. Additionally, GAO is responsible to answer transactional questions or assist faculty and staff in determining the fiscal status of their awards. For more information, please visit the Accounting Related Toolssection of our website. Middle Tennessee State University is awarded grants and contracts from federal and state agencies as well as private entities such as local businesses and corporations. Grant and Contract Accounting also works with Accounting Services in developing the University’s Federal Facilities & Administrative rate.

  • For reimbursements incurred during a grant-related trip, a travel expense report must be filed and submitted via SmartBuy Plus.
  • At year the Purchasing Office will issue end a 1099-MISC report to the contractor.
  • Contract and Grant Accounting works closely with the Office of Sponsored Programs in administering pre-award and post-ward activities related to sponsored research, including assistance with budget preparation and filing of required fiscal reports.
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During this period, Grant Accounting staff, the Principal Investigator, and the departmental administrators must continually monitor the award to ensure the project is running smoothly. At UW-Green Bay, students experience hands-on learning from award-winning faculty on a naturally beautiful campus.

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Note that there may be instances where documentation is requested for the purposes of determining allowability or because the transaction is selected for audit. Expenditures related to cost share are identified within the Budget Inquiry by a department number of 3XXXXXXXX. Upon award setup, the funding department is identified and a monthly funding entry is entered. This will appear as an expenditure to the funding department and as revenue to the cost share department .

The Office of Management and Budget A-133 Compliance Supplement indicates that frequent requests for cost transfers are considered by auditors to be indicative of weak internal controls or unreliable accounting systems. Further, this document specifically instructs auditors to examine cost transfers for allowability. Any transactions that would be deemed to be noncompliant or disallowed may result in reimbursement to a grantor or loss of future grant funding. When it comes to effective, one of the most significant challenges is reconciling accounts on a regular basis. This is necessary to manage sponsored funds to ensure that expenditures and revenues are within appropriate budget limits and guidelines. The typical features of a general ledger usually can’t handle this level of detail. OCGA is responsible to the University and to the funding agencies for the financial and regulatory administration of these contracts and grants.

Grant Accounting Office

Like requisitions, Purchase Orders can be viewed online using the Purchasing Query Menu. Requisitions for services are converted to Service Purchase Contracts , which are subject to approval by the University Legal Counsel if exceeding five thousand dollars.

The University may obtain insurance through the Bureau of Risk Management only if it is required and funded by the granting agency. Currently, the Migrant and Upward Bound programs have been authorized to purchase insurance.

Grant accountants are responsible for preparing invoices for expenses incurred and follow up to ensure outstanding invoices are paid on timely basis. Please review the Division of Responsibilities in order to gain a better understanding of all grant accountants’ duties. Federal regulation established by the Office of Management and Budget in 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards govern the allowability of expenditures to a federal grant. For a list of unallowable costs identified in Uniform Guidance, please see the Guidelines for Unallowable Costs. It is also important to be knowledgeable of the University policies and grant terms and conditions, as there may be instances where these are more stringent.

Gift & Grant Accounting

This area also provides all accounting services for the CSU Foundation, a private non-profit corporation that solicits contributions and manages endowment funds for the University. The Grant Accounting Office is responsible for assisting faculty, staff, and administrators in the financial management of federal and non-federal grants and contracts. The office also provides financial reporting, budget consultation, billing, cash management, project match reporting, and time and effort certification services. You’ll be able to stick to the parameters of the grant if you develop and follow a strict budget and regularly audit the various accounts.

For reimbursements incurred during a grant-related trip, a travel expense report must be filed and submitted via SmartBuy Plus. Instructions on filling out a travel expense report are available in theTravel Guidelines. For grant-related travel, the grantee may request acash advance prior to the trip. The Grant Accounting Office is available for assistance with reading its specifications.

Following are some examples of journal entries for accounting for government grants. Ed revenue and expenses so that you fulfill your mission and maintain excellent relationships with donors, stakeholders, and others who are important to you. This applies for non dilutive equity providers, university transfer office companies, SBIR grants (NIH, DOD, DOE, etc.), and other for profit organizations.

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This rate is applicable to all federal programs, and is subject to negotiation and change. Where a grantor does not support the above indirect cost rate, at least 8% of the total grant award must be requested to support University overhead. Grant recipients must develop and maintain predictable, workable accounting procedures that clearly separate grant funding and expenditures from other funding sources. Federal grants require recipients to follow generally acceptable accounting procedures, or GAAP.

Result in a shorter, less complicated chart of accounts – without loss of the underlying detail. QuickBooks adds ease and efficiency to the grant tracking process, but can not replace a solid grant accountant. Face coverings are optional in offices, conference Grant Accounting rooms, research labs, housing, and public spaces in buildings. Face coverings are still required in all teaching spaces, teaching labs, computer labs, buses, libraries, clinical facilities, and student-staff and student-faculty meetings spaces.